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Questionnaire for Russian Toys





City, State & Zip Code:

Email Address*



Show/Breed Or Pet:

How did you hear about Sibridge Russian Toys?

Do you have any interest in showing/competing with your RT in various dog activities?

Are you aware the Russian Toy is a lap dog and must be with their people?

Do you intend to spay/neuter your Russian Toy?

What breeds have you owned in the past/present?

Are/were these dogs spayed/neutered?

What happened to the dogs you no longer own?

If you have children, what are their ages?

If you have children, have they been trained on proper treatment of animals?

Do any members of the household have allergies to dogs?

Why do you want a Russian You?

Who will be primarily responsible for the RT?

Why do you think you would be a good owner of a RT?

Are you or have you ever been a dog breeder? If so what breeds?

Have you researched the Russian Toy to be sure this is the breed for you?

Would you promise to love, cherish and fulfil the needs of a Russian Toy, should you get one?

I will not ship any puppy or dog. Are you willing to pick up your puppy in person, Whether you fly and take the puppy in the cabin to fit under the seat? We are happy to help with any arrangements and met you at the Nashville TN airport.

Are you willing to stay in touch with Sibridge for the life of your dog, should you get a Sibridge pup?


 Please fill out the questionnaire if you have interest in Sibridge Russian Toys.

   Sibridge will have limited RT puppies available.

   The questionnaire will be reviewed, and you can expect a response from us within a few days. We are happy to share our adoption process with you. Our main concern is that our babies go to a loving home and live a full healthy life.

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