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Our Breeding Program.

Tim & I are small hobby breeder's with only a few litters a year. We only sell puppies to approved "Forever Homes" as pets & companions. I also Do Not "SHIP" any puppies or dogs. Our pups must be picked up personally, we will help with any arrangements..

About Us

I am Sherry Nanney-Holloway and my little part of the world is located just north of Nashville Tennessee in a small town called Goodlettsville. I am blessed to be in the country with plenty of room for roaming critters and where the howling is a wonderful song.

I first got involved with the AKK in 1997 when my parents were on a trip to Alaska.....My Dad called one day and said "You won't believe what i have found". He went on to tell me he was looking at a 7 lb. Onyx (which was one of my beautiful Sibs). Of coarse i laughed and ask what he was drinking...He went on to tell me about these lil dogs and that they looked a lot like my Siberians....Well i have always been a Siberian person and to me there was no other breed. He had gotten information that their was a breeder in Colorado that i should call and make arrangements to go see her dogs...I called Eileen and talked with her for a while and come to find out they were going to a UKC show in Kalamazoo Mi. in June...This was the first show that the AKK were to be in since they were recognized by the UKC...I was so excited..I had called to make reservations and all rooms for miles were taken...That didn't matter to me, i new i was going to see these special dogs my Dad had told me about..Eileen pulled a few strings and got us a room...My mother, daughter and myself were off to Kalamazoo...

We arrived in Kalamazoo and met Eileen, Greg and a few of their AKK's... I knew i had to have a few of these special babies...I fell in love with a 7 year old Unimak, he was gorgeous..I helped Eileen show that weekend and we had a great time..I got on her waiting list of coarse..I took all kinda pictures that weekend, little did i know what i would be doing a few months later...

Eileen emailed me a month or so later and said she had a pup for me...I told her i would be there as soon as i could get things organized to take a vacation...My parents, daughter and i were headed to Colorado to get my pup. Yea right A pup...Wrong....We had a 17 hour drive but it was well worth it..We stayed with Eileen, Greg and all the critters...I was floored to see so many of these lil guys...My dad had decided he wanted the pup so i was looking through the kennels for my special babies..There i saw Unimak again, it took a while but i managed to take him home with me, and also my little Chako. So we came for one pup and took home three...Before we headed home i told Eileen what i was looking for, she said she would send me videos of some pups that were coming..Sure enough in January 1998 my daughter and i were on a plane to Colorado (I do not believe in shipping puppies in cargo all alone) to get yet another AKK...Of coarse when i got there she had lots of puppies so i managed to bring home my Popper & Katahana.

My world changed after my AKK came into my life..I will always have at least a few...My dogs are part of my family.

When my guys retire from breeding they stay here with us, I feel they were good enough for me in their younger days, they are good enough for me in their older days..So they end up being couch potatoes and live the rest of their lives with the only Mama they've ever known.

How we end our days...


Recent Photos

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