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New Puppy Supplies

This is a list of things we use and find very useful. Please remember NO Rawhide or Rope Toys. Many unnecessary surgery's have been performed to remove the raw hide and strings from a puppy's intestines. Better safe then sorry.

Taste of the Wild with Ancient Grains

Ancient Mountain with Roasted Lamb

(Regular dog food, not puppy food)

All food and treats must be 25% or less.

AKK do not do well on higher protein foods.

Make sure all treats are made in the USA

All our puppies & adults are free feed.

AKK graze a little all day, usually not all at once.

The best food/water bowls are stainless.

They should be kept clean.

Your puppy is litter box trained. We use Alfalfa pellets,

Can be purchased from Tractor Supply (TSC)

You will also need a low profile dog/cat litter box, and a cat litter scoop.

All of our puppies are litter box trained. Its nice in cases where you are away from home and don't have to worry about taking the puppy/dog outside. Also good on rainy and snowy days.

Pups also take to going outside for potty breaks as they remember the smell of the grassy alfalfa and know its for going potty.  

A rake and shedding comb

are good for regular brushing.

We use Mink Sheen shampoo, Good for puppies and adults

And leaves a wonderful smell.

Remember your puppy/adult AKK does not need bathing

Every week or month. Once every 6 months is usually

More then enough.. The AKK is a “Northern Breed” and

Will never have a nasty dog smell. They tend to bathe

Themselves like a cat. Very clean dogs.

We also use baby wipes (No aloe) for eyes and ears on a regular


Aloe is poisonous to dogs..

 start out with #1 regular toe nail clippers at about 2 weeks old. Then at about 6 weeks old i start using the grinder #3. A lot of people use the smaller version cordless #4. These are reasonably priced and easy to use.

We have started your puppy out by rubbing its ears and feet on a regular basics so they are use to being rubbed in those areas. This makes it easier to clean their ears and do their nails. So while lounging with your new puppy, rub its ears and feet.

Retractable leashes are usually a bad idea. I have heard of many

Accidents including the leash being jerked out of the owners

Hand with their dog running to get away from this strange

Thing behind them bouncing around. A regular 6 ft leash

Is much safer.

AKK are escape artist, so always be looking for escape routes.

Many AKK have slipped a collar and even backed out of a

Harness. Any time we take our AKK out in public we use

a regular collar with a “Tile” (Info below) on it for easy tracking

and a “Coastal Pet Round Nylon Choke Collar”(Amazon) If using a harness make sure the harness and leash is connected to the choke collar.

Tile Pro has a 400ft range, loudest ring and water proof small and

Attaches to collar. Can be purchased from “Tile” or Amazon

Your puppy needs to be crate trained. Its for his protection and protection for Your house and belongings. AKK are small/medium dogs but believe me, they

Can tear up and destroy anything they can get a a hold of. When no one is home Its safer for the puppy and your house to be in a crate or xpen. Xpens give

More room but the AKK can also climb so you will need a top for it. 36’s High is the better choice.

Crate sizes:

Toy & Miniature size AKK 30'

Standard size 36'

Hospital pads or/ and fleece blanket is good for the base of the crate.

You may also need a sheet/blanket to cover the crate to make it

More “Cave Like”. We also use shower rugs in crate, but the AKK

Have been known to shred rugs and beds.

Flea Treatment.

This is generic for “Program”

We have been using this for over a year now and it works great.

Approved for 4 week of age and older.

When ordering, make sure to order the appropriate weight for your pup.

Toys, all puppies and dogs love toys. Be sure all toys are tuff and sturdy.

Most AKK love squeaky balls and playing fetch..

Stay away from “Rope” toys, these are very dangerous.

Chews, AKK love Bully Sticks. Some have a bad smell but good for pups cutting teeth. Be careful of small pieces as it is a choke hazard.

Yak chews are also a good chewy.

Greenies are good chews and also good for bad breath and dental cleaning.

We order a lot of our supplies from


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