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Crossed Paws

Why do Alaskan Klee Kai

Cross Their Paws?

Feeling The mystic presence,

The Klee Kai cross their paws

To ward off the Glacier Witch

In case she had any ideas

Of making them Any smaller.

Linda Spurlin

Legend of the North

According to the legend of the northern peoples, blue-eyed huskies appeared when the dog peered into the icy ocean, the cold of the ocean was so unlimited and beautiful that it penetrated the dog's heart and completely captured it, then the dog's eyes became the color of ice and ocean water ...

Brown-eyed Huskies, according to legend, appeared when the dog looked at the fire, the flames were so hot and beautiful in the endless cold that they penetrated the dog’s soul and filled it with unbridled warmth, then the dog's eyes shone with amber fire ...

So there were dogs with a cold imperturbable heart and icy eyes, and with a hot soul and warm eyes, and each was beautiful in its own way ...

Legend tells that as a result of the union of an ice and fire dog, were born puppies with different eyes, one eye was colder than the ocean, and the other hotter than fire, these dogs absorbed both the icy fearlessness and the hottest kindness. The different-eyed dogs in the northern peoples were valued and revered as mystical creatures, everyone wanted to have such a dog, because the northern people believed that being combining ice and flame brings happiness and peace to the home ... 


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