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       Our Deposit List is Open for 2024 

We have NO puppies ready available. We have a deposit waiting list.

Normal wait, if on our deposit list is 4 to 6 months. Could be longer depending on your preferences..

  Our pups are $2200.00 for brown eyed and $2,500.00 for blue or bieyed no matter the coat color and must be altered. (spay/neutered) If you are interested in one of our available pups or would like to be on our waiting list please go to the link on the left, Questionnaire & Contact Us and fill out a questionnaire. We will contact you soon as possible or feel free to email us directly at Or send us a message on Face Book. Sibridge Sherry Holloway.

Guest are always welcome with advance notice.

Please note i will not ship puppies in cargo. I am happy to help with any arrangements with it being you drive or fly with the pup under the airline seat. Happy to meet at the Nashville Airport if needed.

Always remember that a dog is a lifelong responsibility. Be a responsible pet owner: research the breed and breeder you are interested in before purchasing, provide the best care possible for your pet, spay or neuter and make provisions in your will for your pet's care when you are gone.

All of our AKK & puppies are registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC) and soon to be registered with American Kennel Club (AKC/FSS) All of our puppies are reserved per our approved waiting list. Breeder has first pick from every litter.


            2024 Litter Plans 

All puppies are reserved per our Deposit waiting list


            Fancy & Stoney

          Due April 18, 2024


               Kada & Henry

                   Past Litters

               Fancy & Stoney Babies

                              Reba & Barrow Babies

                    Tina & Henry Babies

Feel free to ask us any questions..


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